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6 Reasons That Why You Should Choose React for Your Web App

By Jimmy Hung
Published in Progressive Web App
June 30, 2021
4 min read
6 Reasons That Why You Should Choose React for Your Web App

React is a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. React is popular in the web development world because it simplifies many of the common tasks that developers have to do when creating an application. In this blog post, we’re going to go over 6 reasons why you should choose React for your next Web App project!

  • It’s open source: You can find out exactly what makes React tick by looking at its code and contributing improvements or suggestions from the inside. It also means that other programmers will likely be able to help you with any problems on Stack Overflow if needed.
  • It has one way data flow: This allows for clearer understanding of how components interact with each other and eliminates unnecessary mutable states, which can make

Why React?

We all have our favorite programming languages, but sometimes it’s best to take a step back and see what the big picture has in store for us. React is one of those technologies that will grow with you—it can help as your needs shift between now and then. The biggest question on your mind likely is “why should I choose React over other alternatives?” Let me explore six key reasons: flexibility, developer experience, corporate commitment, community support, performance,…etc

Reason 1: Flexibility

Once you learn React, it can be used to develop user interfaces for a huge variety of platforms and use cases. It is remarkably flexible in comparison with Angular or Ember because they are opinionated frameworks while React is more flexible as its library approach has allowed it evolve into one that’s wonderfully adaptable.

React is a powerful, robust JavaScript library that can be used for more than just web applications. You can also generate static sites with React using popular tools like Gatsby and Phenomic. And it’s not only for mobile apps; you can use React to build truly native iOS or Android experiences as well! Yet another way you might find yourself utilizing this tool would be on the server side of things where rendering support out-of-the box makes setups easy breezy in spite of its complexity . Finally, some developers are even choosing to create virtual reality websites and 360 experience while others have found success building chatbots along with other interactive customer engagement features using Facebook’s Messenger platform which leverages their codebase.

In summary, learn React once, and you can write applications just about everywhere.

Reason 2: Developer Experience

React was created to solve the problem of web development complexity. It’s not a framework, but it provides tools that make building complex UIs easier and more expressive than ever before. Developers are able to easily create reusable components in React with fewer lines of code, which means less time spent writing boilerplate UI-related code like CSS styling or JavaScript event handling logic for each new component you want to use on your site - saving developers tons of design hours (and headaches!).

React is special because it offers a simple API that’s easy to learn by offering rapid feedback during debugging sessions as well as fast prototyping capabilities without sacrificing quality when compared other frameworks where those features might be lacking due their size increasing exponentially over time.

Reason 3: Corporate Investment

React was created by Facebook in 2013 and is now used at companies like Instagram, WhatsApp, Netflix. React’s open-source code has been modified to suit different needs such as Google with its Angular library.

Reason 4: Community

React is one of the most popular and fastest growing JavaScript frameworks today. React’s popularity has steadily grown since 2013, with over 140 thousand stars on GitHub in 2018 - making it one of the top repositories on GitHub! Today, there are more than 1000 contributors to this framework that have made it possible for you to create incredible web applications without any hassle at all. Out of 3 million plus projects only two others are ahead but a step above React when looking at how many people have starred them- so its fair say they’ve carved out their own niche as being among some bests ones around!

React was developed by Jordan Walke who spent his time working with Facebook before leaving after six years in 2012 because he wanted “to do something new”.

Reason 5: Performance

React’s performance is so fast, it can actually make the user experience feel slow. React recognized that the DOM was inefficient and continued to work on ways of making changes more efficient until they could help you have a seamless digital experience in comparison with your physical one. Behind-the-scenes when data updates happen, React intelligently figures out how best to update the DOM for optimal efficiency without affecting anything else happening with other processes or functions running at any given time - like we’ve all been waiting for!

Reason 6: Testability

The final reason is testability. React is a front-end framework that makes it easy to test your code, thanks in part to its elegant design. The create React app boilerplate comes with tests preconfigured and ready for you on the command line. While testing memory doesn’t always provide 100% accuracy, running automated tests quickly enough can make sure all of your changes are accounted for before they’re committed.

It’s not uncommon to find that testing a front end is hard, but React has some notable features which make it easier. There are tools such as create-react-app and enzyme for writing tests with Jest and Enzyme respectively; these can be run on the command line quickly enough that your test suite will always stay up to date.


“React is the best thing to happen to web development in a long time.”

  • Andrew Clark.

React has become so popular for good reason, it’s exceptionally flexible and can be used for everything from building web apps or native mobile apps, desktop app, virtual reality experience- even hardware projects. The single component approach allows you to work with components without all of that cognitive overhead of maintaining separate files which slows down your feedback loop when making changes. Facebook have heavily invested in React including a team focused on developing new features and improving performance by default as well as providing handy extensions like react-router and react-hotkey . It offers excellent performance by default (and nifty enhancements) but we’re biased because we love working with this.


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